Top 10 Places for Perfect Instagram Photos in Bangkok

in no particular order.

10.  Floating market – Damnoen Saduak


When talking about markets and shops, people instantly picture an air-conditioned complex or flea markets. However, what rarely crosses one’s mind are floating markets and that is exactly what you will find in Bangkok. During centuries, most of the communities in Thailand were formed on river shores. Transportation of people and goods brought those communities together, creating this unique phenomenon of floating markets. It is once in a lifetime experience to merge with the locals, feel the specific charisma they refuse to lose, despite the rapid development of the urban life. The richness and colourfulness of the markets and interaction with the locals is a priceless experience and a great opportunity to snap a perfect photo.

9.  Wat Pho


The first thing that catches your eye once you enter this magnificent temple is the grandiose, golden statue of the Reclining Buddha. The calmness and beauty that you experience here is something that will stay with you. The temple itself is older than the city of Bangkok and represents one of the most valuable and most important shrines in Thailand. However, the statue of Buddha is not the only thing that you can take a photo of; there are hundreds of details that look amazing and are totally worth snapping a couple of photos.

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8.  Airplane Graveyard


No area of Bangkok tells a better visual story than the Airplane Graveyard. Found in the eastern neighbourhood of Ramkhamhaeng, this lot is home to decommissioned aircraft. Amid the debris, photographers will discover that some families have made this place their home, their laundry hang-drying among the aeroplane relics. They usually charge some sort of entrance fee (about $4) to visit and take photographs.

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7.  Wat Arun


Wat Arun is one of the most popular and historic temples in the country, let alone the capital. The Buddhist temple sits along the western banks of the Mae Nam Chao Phraya, more popularly known as the Chao Phraya River. Though the 19th-century temple is chock full of colourful murals and intricate porcelain that are beautiful when seen up close and personal, the best place to shoot its 82-meter high spire is from across the river. Visit any one of the bars or restaurants across the way at sunset to get that perfect photograph. The Deck by Arun Residence provides a great vista.

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6.  Lat Pho Park


The industrial architecture of the Lat Pho Canal is impressive. The Bhumibol Bridges 1 & 2 curve and soar above you, a testament to the ingenuity of engineers. There’s a tranquil park below and here you’ll find a wonderful little museum that celebrates this legacy of King Rama IX. Inside, there are interactive exhibitions about the Late King and the Bhumibol Bridges. It’s a well-thought-out space and will be enjoyed by anyone interested in the Late King’s contribution to Bangkok’s development.

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5.  Asiatique


Located along the murky banks of the Chao Phraya river is Asiatique the Riverfront, one of the trendiest and most unique markets in town. The best way to reach this market is via boat, making the journey here a bit more exciting. Unlike many of Bangkok’s top markets, visitors will not find counterfeit goods or an overwhelming onslaught of vendors and stalls. This market is cleaner, more organized, and is chock full of fashionable finds. One of the highlights of Asiatique is the 200-foot-tall Ferris wheel. Equipped with 42 gondolas, this is a great way to see the city and river from incredible heights.

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4.  Chinatown


From the strange eats to the abundance of souvenir and shopping vendors tucked in-between the many sois (streets), there is seemingly no shortage of photo opportunities in Chinatown. Maybe it is the gaudy gold shops which catch photographers’ eyes (no photographs are allowed inside of these shops, however). Tuk-tuks are especially photogenic, lining the neon-lit street. During the day, head to Sampeng Lane to photograph everything from wig shops to entire stores dedicated to colourful stuffed animals. After dark, be sure to head to Yaowarat Road for the food, lights, and more, just waiting to have their pictures taken.

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3.  Benjakiti Park


While Lumpini Park may take the biscuit for the most popular green space in Bangkok, the park with the most Instagram-worthy view of them all is Benjakiti Park. It is located in the heart of the city, and just a short walk from the BTS Skytrain Station Asok. The park is small yet quaint, with a path around the shimmering lake for both walkers and cyclists to enjoy its stunning backdrop of a handful of staggering skyscrapers.

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2.  The Lebua State tower


The Dome on top of the Lebua State Tower can be seen from miles around, and every night is lit up like a beacon of luxury due to the collection of fine dining restaurants and posh cocktail bars it houses. Head up to Skybar for a cocktail and to enjoy the impeccable views or splash out and enjoy a full meal of Mediterranean cuisine at Sirocco. The classic shot of the Dome at dusk is likely to be a treasured memory.

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1.  Lumpini Park


A plethora of duck boats, a colourful Chinese pavilion, towering skyscrapers acting as a backdrop: there are plenty of reasons as to why photographers should gather their gear and head to Lumpini Park. The green space is more than half a million square meters in size, and you could be here for hours exploring it in its entirety. For a great shot, be on the lookout for one of the many large monitor lizards who call this park home. They are usually found on the exterior of one of the lakes or sunbathing on the large patches of grass.

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