Saphan Sung (สะพานสูง)


Area; 28.124 km2 (10.859 sq mi)

Population; 93,854



Saphan Sung was separated from Bueng Kum on 14 October 1997 announcement, effective 21 November 1997, together with Khan Na Yao. Saphan Sung means tall bridge referring to the shape of the bridge built over khlongs (Thai canals) back when boats were a main mode of transportation.



  • Wat Lat Bua Khao (วัดลาดบัวขาว)
  • Triam Udom Suksa Nomklao School
  • Saphan Sung Discovery Learning Library
  • Saphan Sung Youth Centre
  • Pra-Ajahn Mitsuo Gavesako Foundation