Min Buri (มีนบุรี)

Area - 63.645 km2 (24.573 sq mi)

Population - 115,212



The district was once a province established in 1901 during King Chulalongkorn period consisting of Amphoe Khlong Sam Wa, Amphoe Saen Saep, Amphoe Nong Chok, and Amphoe Chia Radap (เจียรดับ). The name Min Buri (meaning city of fish) was chosen to go with the existing Thanyaburi Province (meaning city of rice). Economic problems during 1930-31 caused the government to disband various organizations to reduce expenses. Min Buri Province was eliminated and turned into amphoe Min Buri and Amphoe Lat Krabang of Bangkok, and Amphoe Nong Chok of Chachoengsao Province. In 1957 part of Saen Saep subdistrict of Lat Krabang were transferred to Min Buri. And finally in 1997, the northern part of Min Buri were split out to form the new Khlong Sam Wa district.