Don Mueang (ดอนเมือง)

Area - 36.803 km2 (14.210 sq mi)

Population - 168,896



Don Mueang was once part of Bang Khen, but it became a district in its own right in 1989. Later in 1997, the southern part of Don Mueang was split off to establish a new district, Lak Si. The old name for the area was "Don I Yiao" (ดอนอีเหยี่ยว) meaning plateau of eagles and vultures due to its geography and abundance of those birds. The new name was given by King Vajiravudh when the Royal Thai Air Force base was established there.



Places of Interest

  • Don Mueang International Airport
  • Don Muang Royal Thai Air Force Base
  • Royal Thai Air Force Museum